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New non-stick pans & induction plate

By Laura Nunemaker

January 16, 2022

In my last newsletter of 2021 (are you subscribed?), I mentioned that I had new kitchen equipment on order. I cook exclusively oil-free at home and rely on on non-stick pans to be, well, non-stick. I don't have space for a lot of equipment, so what I have works hard on meal prep day in and day out and needs to last.

Here's what I got, why, and my first thoughts.

By the way, there are no affiliate links here. I'm just sharing information.

Non-stick Pans

greenpan kitchen stories frying pan on an induction plate.

After much agonizing over reviews (apparently everything sucks) I settled on giving Greenpan another try. One of the difficulties in my search is that I wanted something induction compatible.

People I asked recommended ScanPan and the Always Pan. The ScanPan is so expensive though and I still see bad reviews. The Always Pan also seems expensive for what it is. And I'd been warned that if you're a rim tapper (I am) that the finish there can chip.

Previously, I've had a Greenpan Valencia Pro skillet. Food started sticking about 6 months in. As a matter of fact, no non-stick pan has lasted me more than 6 months. This time I'm trying out the Kitchen Stories collection. (It's crazy on sale as I type this so I'll probably love it and never be able to get it again.) I got a wok, frying pan, and a lid that fits both. The three pieces were $50.

So far so good! I love having a wok(ish) pan again. And spaghetti fits in it so it doubles as a pasta pot. The pan is spacious enough to make meal prep meals as well.

These pans are induction ready. Unlike the Valencia Pro, which has a slick surface, these pans have a slight texture to it. I haven't tried anything challenging in it like pancakes but I have cooked naked, cubed tofu in it and it browned up nicely without any sticking.

greenpan kitchen stories wok on an induction plate.

The surface of these pans is also dark in color. Other non-stick ceramic pans I've had have been light in color and have stained.

One issue that may have been causing problems with my other non-stick pans is that my induction plate could have been getting too hot or not regulating itself well. So....

Induction Plate

galaxy induction plate.

I was on the hunt for an induction plate that had a finer temperature adjustment than my current one and didn't sound like a jet engine. After looking in all the usual spots, I decided to see how much professional restaurant equipment would be. Sometimes you get better quality for less. And that was definitely the case here.

This Galaxy Induction Plate is available at Webstaurant Store. And the general public can purchase there. 

I'm not going to lie, it's bigger than my old plate. It's taller and longer. But boy is it quiet! And the body is stainless steel instead of plastic. It cleans up really nicely.

The temperature settings are more granular and seem to be more accurate. And it has another feature that I didn't realize - holding temperature. It's kind of like "keep warm" on the Instant Pot. I used it to keep a meal warm while waiting for Kevin to get home from work. So convenient!

Another cool feature is that the element rings on the plate have a little texture to them. It kind of grips the pan a bit so it doesn't slide around. My old induction plate didn't have that and also vibrated more so my pans were always sliding around.

Why you need to shop at restaurant supply stores

Don't sleep on restaurant supply stores! They're a wonderful resource I discovered before I even opened a bakery. In Atlanta, I used to go to A City Discount but you'll be able to find one in most major cities or you can order from Webstaurant Store like I did above.

Some of my favorite purchases at a restaurant supply include a stiff stainless steel whisk that never rusts, sheet and cake pans that are a heavier gauge and don't warp, proofing containers for bread, and more.

If you need anything for your kitchen, check out a restaurant supply online or in person.

As time goes on, I'll update this if any issues arrive with the pans or induction plate. What's your experience been with non-stick pans? Do you have one you love? Any that are crap? Please share in a comment to help others make an informed choice!

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